Interesting Facts About Marvel That You Haven’t Heard Of

Many of us have grown up reading the comics of Marvel, but are you aware of these facts about them?

If not, read on.

The first successful Human Torch wasn’t Johnny Storm. The original one was an android created by Professor Phineas T Horton. Eventually, he got sick of it being used for evil purposes, so he made a new one to sell to the SSU (Strategic Scientific Reserve). That version was soon passed over in favor of the non-android version, the Fantastic Four’s Johnny Storm.

  • Jack Kirby has often been named as the co-creator of Spiderman along with Stan Lee because he designed all his costumes. However, Steve Ditko deserves part of that credit because he designed the mask.
  • Iron Man’s Suit of Armor is in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC.
  •  Daredevil was blind before his accident in which he lost his sight. This makes him one of the very few superheroes who were born with a handicap, and not have gotten it through some sort of tragedy.

Here are even more facts about Marvel.

Stan Lee wasn’t allowed to use Captain America or Namor in any issues of Spiderman due to legal boundaries that they couldn’t cross (they both belonged to other companies at the time). That didn’t stop the cameo appearances though! Stan Lee would appear as himself behind Spiderman’s shoulder while talking to Aunt May; Steve Ditko would do the same when drawing Dr Strange.

  • Stan Lee is mentioned in all Marvel movies to date, because he would make cameo appearances in most of them. Stan Lee has also appeared in TV shows relating to Marvel such as The Super Hero Squad Show and Ultimate Spiderman. There are even online casino games based on Marvel stories!
  • 3 out of 8 Guardians originally worked with the Avengers before they joined the Guardians Of The Galaxy. This includes Iron Man, Starlord, Falcon, and Red Hulk (a combination of Thor/Hulk).
  • There are 6 Infinity Gems that give their owner certain abilities when put into a glove called the Infinity Gauntlet: Mind Gem – Increases intelligence; Soul Gem – Controls life force; Time Gem – Controls time; Reality Gem – Lets you alter reality; Power Gem – Increases other gems’ effects; and the Space Gem- allows for teleportation.
  • The Silver Surfer has been in every major Fantastic Four movie to date, including the 2005 version that was horrible.

Stan Lee’s cameo appearances have become part of the fun for many fans who attend early screenings of movies. Soon after Iron Man came out, there were theories on how to spot Stan Lee with clues hidden within the movie itself (there is a scene where he placed his glasses on another character). I haven’t actually gone looking for them myself yet but they are supposed to be pretty fun.

These are the interesting facts about  Marvel that I could find for this article. Do you know of any others? If so, feel free to let us know.

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