Agent X-13

Captain America 75th anniversary

S.H.I.E.L.D.: Covert / Instinct / Ranged / Tech

Born into a wealthy Virginia family, Margaret “Peggy” Carter joined the resistance fighters in Nazi-occupied France during World War II, leaving her comfortable American life behind. Becoming one of the resistance movement’s bravest and most skillful fighters, Peggy operated under the codename Agent 13, AKA Mademoiselle.

She befriended fellow female resistance fighter Anna. She also shared a whirlwind romance with Captain America (Steve Rogers), who helped Peggy and her allies smuggle the plans for a captured Japanese thermal ray prototype out of occupied France. Peggy and “Cap” never learned each other’s real names during the war, nor did Carter ever see him unmasked at the time, but the few weeks they spent fighting alongside each other forged a lasting bond.

When the war led her to Paris, Peggy was captured by Nazis. Just before a firing squad executed her, an artillery shell went off. Surviving, though suffering from amnesia, Carter walked away from the battle not knowing or recognizing Captain America as he hurtled himself through a crowd looking for her.