Amadeus Cho

World War Hulk

Champions: Instinct / Strength / Tech

Many things can be said about Amadeus Cho. He’s the seventh-smartest person in the world, he’s Korean-American, he’s friends with the Hulk—and he even became the Hulk himself.

Cho’s “totally awesome” intelligence gets him into trouble as often as it gets him out of it. And it all started with a simple internet game that kicked off his Super Hero career… Sixteen-year-old Amadeus Cho attained the highest score in the internet game “Brain Soap,” created by the Excello Soap Company, which made him the seventh-smartest person in the world. He was approached by a woman named Agent Sexton, saying that an agency wanted to train him. In reality, she was actually employed by the game’s creator Pythagoras Dupree, a crazy and paranoid former child prodigy who was determined to destroy anyone rivaling him for intelligence.