Arkon the Magnificent

Secret Wars Volume 2

Unafiliated: Covert / Instinct / Ranged / Strength

Arkon was born of noble lineage on the extradimensional world Polemachus. The people of Polemachus developed a culture that glorifies warfare, and Arkon succeeded in becoming the greatest warrior of his people. Appointed Imperion of the largest country on Polemachus, Arkon mounted military campaigns against neighboring countries in an effort to conquer the world. His dreams were forgotten when Polemachus was faced with a world-wide catastrophe in that the light and heat providing planetary rings were disintegrating. Arkon’s scientists, led by Grand Vizier Graybeard, determined that atomic explosions occurring on Earth somehow were extradimensionally translated to rekindle the energy rings for about a year. Although Polemachus had not developed nuclear weaponry, the scientists predicted that if they were to atomically annihilate the Earth, their world’s energy-rings would be restored to power.