Authoritarian Iron Man

Civil War


It was revealed that Stark, in the days following the Kree- Skrull war had formed a secret society or group called the Illuminati, which is a governing body of super heroes. The other members of this still functioning group consist of Mr. Fantastic, Professor X, Doctor Strange, Black Bolt, and Namor. Their first meeting was in Wakanda where the group also offered membership to the Black Panther, whom politely rejected it. However, although the rest of the members had different views and did not believe that an alliance like this would be of much use, they still agree to work together and at least share information. In one case, shortly before the events of Civil War, the Illuminati decided to launch the Hulk into outer space feeling. He soon found out that the governent was making decisions on the Super Human Registration Act. At first, Stark is very much against the idea, even going so far as to hire the Titanium Man to attack him in order to manipulate public opinion in his favor. Tony also tries to talk the government out of Registration but his appeal is ignored after the tragedy at Stamford, Connecticut, in which members of the New Warriors confronted a villain named Nitro in a residential neighborhood, setting off an explosion that killed many innocent lives. When the heroes unite in the face of this tragedy in Stamford , they move around some of the rubble to find if there are any survivors. Meanwhile, Tony tells Wolverine who has caught Nitro’s scent to go after him. The trail leaves cold next to the water, but Iron Man lets Wolverine borrow one of his suits to traverse underwater.

Villain Group
Superhuman Registration Act