World War Hulk

Warbound: Covert / Instinct / Strength

Caiera was one of the Shadow People, an extraterrestrial race who helped colonize the planet Sakaar. The Shadow People are linked to a primordial power that enables them to tap into the planet for additional strength. The Elders among the Shadows who raised Caiera recognized the Old Power in her and began her training. When she was 13, the extraterrestrial parasites called the Spikes overran her village, consuming her family and many others. Caiera was saved by Prince Angmo II of the imperial peoples, who planted an obedience disk into her so that she would be forced to serve him. Caiera eventually grew to become a lieutenant in the imperial Guard. When Angmo II succeeded to the imperial throne as the Red King, he made Caiera his Warbound Shadow, honoring the treaties between his people and the Shadow elders.