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Civil War

(Cloak) Avengers/Marvel Knights: Ranged
Avengers: Covert / Ranged

Raised in a poor South Boston neighborhood, Tyrone Johnson was a good student despite his chronic stutter, which he struggled to correct with the support of his best friend Billy. When Tyrone was seventeen, he and Billy witnessed the robbery of a local store and the fatal shooting of its clerk. The thieves fled, and Billy ran as well, fearing that he and Tyrone might be wrongly suspected of the crime. When a policeman ordered Billy to stop, Tyrone tried to proclaim Billy’s innocence. His stutter made it too hard for him to speak clearly, and the officer shot Billy dead. Feeling responsible for Billy’s death and afraid of the police, Johnson ran away to New York City.

Tandy Bowen grew up in a wealthy Cleveland suburb, wanting for nothing—except love. As a child, her father, Nathan Tyler, abandoned his family to seek spiritual enlightenment in India. Her mother Melissa, a successful model, went through a string of replacement husbands, neglecting Tandy in favor of her career. Tandy coped by throwing herself into dancing, sharing her dream of becoming a prima ballerina with her friend Mary Gregory, who in turn hoped to become a famous actress. Eventually Melissa Bowen married Phillip Carlisle. While he actually did really care for Tandy, his love was not reciprocated. At age sixteen, Tandy ran away to New York. (Cloak) (Dagger)