Dark Phoenix


After taking some time off to find herself, Jean Grey journeyed to Muir Island. While shopping she met a strange man named Jason Wyngarde, who was secretly the old X-men villain “Mastermind”. After Mastermind toyed with Jean’s mind, she decided to stay on Muir Island so that Moira MacTaggart could test the full extent of her new powers. During an emergency alarm concerning Moira’s son Proteus, Jean was swept up in an illusion of herself in the 1800’s as Lady Jean Grey (an ancestor of Jean’s). Lady Jean Grey was the wife of the era’s Jason Wyngarde and Black Queen of the Hellfire Club at that time. This psychic illusion caught her off guard and she was felled by Proteus. Later during the Proteus situation, Mastermind once again took Jean into his 19th Century illusion where he convinced her that a cruel game of manhunt was her own idea!


Villain Group
Hellfire Club