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Alison Blaire was born to Carter Blaire and Katherine Blaire in the Long Island suburb of Gardendale, New York. Her parents had a tense relationship: her father was a stoic law student, while her mother was a free-spirited entertainer. Ultimately, this led to Katherine walking out on Carter and a toddler-aged Alison, leaving Carter to raise Alison with the help of his mother.Katherine’s leaving had a profound effect on Carter, who had kept the shameful secret of Katherine from Alison all her life. As Alison entered adolescence and developed dreams of becoming a singer, her father became increasingly intolerant to the idea. Instead, he forced Alison to choose a life path similar to his own; Alison would become an academic star, and continue on a path to law school. Alison’s grandmother, Bella Blaire, was more sympathetic to young Alison, and encouraged her to explore her creative energies.