Sinister Six: Instinct / Ranged

Electro (real name Maxwell Dillon) is a professional criminal, former employee of an energy company, and member of the Sinister Six, Frightful Four and Emissaries of Evil. Electro can generate massive amounts of electricity or pull it from his surroundings and attack his enemies with deadly jolts of electricity. He flies using magnetic force. He is able to project electrostatic charges, disrupting Spider-Man’s ability to walk on walls. He is also able to control electrical devices and painfully paralyze his victims by sending stimuli to their nervous system. Electro gained his electrical abilities after he was struck by lightning while working. Dillon donned the costume and set off on a criminal tour. Unfortunately, almost in the blink of an eye, he attracted the attention of Spider-Man, who became one of his greatest adversaries. The two went up against each other many times.