Civil War

Avengers: Instinct / Ranged / Tech

Sam Wilson grew up in Harlem listening to his minister father Paul deliver life-affirming sermons that instilled a sense of justice and fairness in his young self. While trying to break up a gang-related fight, Paul was killed in front of his son. Sam’s mother Darlene was later killed during a mugging, leaving him alone to raise his brother and sister.

After living through the murders of both of his parents, young Sam embraced his father’s ideals and decided to strive for goodness. Along the way he developed a talent for communicating with birds. His world travels eventually brought him to a falcon named Redwing who would become more friend than pet.

While on the Island of the Exiles, Sam met a disguised and body-swapped Captain America who convinced him to take on the masked identity of Falcon. Not long after, Falcon became Cap’s official partner and eventually scored a winged costume. Since then, he has joined the Avengers and even temporarily took over as Captain America.