Dark City

X-Force: Tech

The mutant known only as Forge is a member of the Cheyenne tribe who was trained in mysticism by his tribe’s shaman, Naze. He is both mutant and sorcerer, inventor and warrior. Forge later rebelled against his Cheyenne heritage and became a U.S. soldier in order to serve in the peacekeeping force in east Asia. When his platoon was lost to a surprise attack by the enemy, Forge was fueled by rage and grief. In revenge, he used his mystical powers to open a portal allowing demons to descend and decimate the entire enemy contingent. However, unable to control the demon swarm, Forge had to call in a bomb raid over the area, and he lost his right hand and leg in the conflagration. After returning to the States for recuperation, Forge decided to give up the use of his magic abilities. He used his mutant talent for inventing to create bionic replacements of his limbs.