General “Thunderbolt” Ross / Red Hulk

World War Hulk

Born and raised in a military family, the young Thaddeus Ross spent much of his early life planning to join the Army, as had his father and his grandfather before him. However, the death of a close friend caused Ross to choose the Air Force instead. He attended West Point and came top of his class, and served bravely in several battles. He met and married Karen Lee, the daughter of his then-commanding officer. The couple had one daughter, Betty, and Ross used his influence to give the child a stable upbringing. However, Karen died of cancer when Betty was young teen, which caused Ross to grow distant with her. He rose quickly through the ranks, eventually obtaining the rank of general. He was assigned to command Desert Base, New Mexico, where Dr Bruce Banner’s gamma ray experiments were carried out. He was in control of the base when the accident that caused Banner to become the Hulk occurred.

Villain Group
Code Red