Civil War

Avengers: Covert / Strength

Teddy spent the first sixteen years of his life raised by a Skrull posing as a human who he believed to be his mother. Not knowing of his true origins he believed that his shape-shifting and super-strengh abilities meant that he was a mutant and he kept them secret.

Teddy used his abilities to fit in at school and became best friends with Greg Norris, the class president and captain of the basketball team. It was to Greg that he first revealed his powers and suprisingly enough Greg, instead of being unnerved, saw the advantages of Teddy’s gift. Greg and Teddy pulled many cons and pranks by having Teddy change into popular figures such as Johnny Storm, Hulk and Tony Stark. After hearing that the Avengers had disbanded Teddy was shocked, but Greg had an idea and the two went to the wreckage of the Avengers Mansion. Teddy was in awe of the place and respected it, while Greg went to business with the reason he made the trip by gathering up all he could to sell. Teddy argued that it was wrong to steal and urged Greg to stop but he merely pointed out that Teddy steals peoples identities all the time and that no one would believe Teddy over him if Teddy called the cops. At that point Teddy used his shape-shifting to intimidate Greg who then stepped down and left.