Invisible Woman

Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four: Covert / Ranged

Sue Storm and her younger brother Johnny had a pretty normal and happy childhood until their mother died in a car accident. Their father, Dr. Franklin Storm who was a famous and talented surgeon, could not save her life. Unfortunately, Franklin was unable to cope with the loss. As a result he became an alcoholic and a gambler. He got into a scuffle with a loan shark and accidentally killed him, and was later charged with murder, sending him to jail. Sue visited him in jail but her father asked her not to visit anymore and to tell Johnny that he was dead. He felt ashamed of his actions and believed he was not worthy of his children. At this point Sue was forced to become both mother and sister to Johnny. Caring for her brother throughout most their childhood caused Sue to mature far earlier than most children her age. Eventually, the Storm siblings moved in with their aunt who owned a boarding house, and it was there she met the man who would shape her life. Sue met and fell for Reed Richards, a tenant of her aunt’s boarding house. Richards was a genius and a brilliant scientist. He was attending Columbia University at the time.