J. Jonah Jameson


The son of an abusive veteran, Jameson began his journalism career as a paperboy, then copy boy for the Daily Bugle, formerly edited by old man Jameson, whom some presume to have been his father. A sullen and bullying student, he quit school after becoming a reporter. At twenty he uncovered police corruption by supposed department hero Sam Kenner; beaten and bombed, Jameson nonetheless exposed Kenner with the help of Bugle owner William Goodman. He became a full-time Bugle reporter, including a stint as a war correspondent, criticizing most costumed heroes as glory-seeking vigilantes upstaging the common man. Marrying his high school sweetheart Joan, Jameson rose to editor-in-chief and became renowned for supporting civil rights and opposing organized crime. When Goodman’s heirs put the Bugle up for sale, Jameson tapped his last dollar and made the newspaper his own. He worked hard to support his wife and their son John, eventually becoming a millionaire member in New York’s elite Century Club; although earning a reputation as a notorious miser, he supported many charities and often helped employees in true need. Still a reporter at heart, he ventured to Korea for a story but was crushed when Joan was killed by a masked gunman in his absence; this and other self-perceived failures contributed to his distrust of masked heroes and the heroic ideal.


Henchman Villain