Jessica Jones


Marvel Knights: Covert / Strength

Born Jessica Campbell, the shy youth attended Midtown High where she kept mostly to herself. Once on a family road trip, Jessica’s father accidentally veered into an oncoming military truck, causing a canister of experimental material to crash through their car windshield and into Jessica’s lap.

Her mother, father, and younger brother died in the accident, and she sustained injuries that left her in a coma for months. Once revived, she lived in the Moore House for Wayward Children until she was adopted by the Joneses—a kind family from Jessica’s old neighborhood. Mrs. Jones had also lost her parents at a young age and sympathized with Jessica’s plight, bringing her to live with her husband and daughter.

Jessica returned to the halls of her school to find that she had gone from the unnoticed geek to the school’s freaky coma curiosity. When her somewhat recluse class crush, another nerdy kid named Peter Parker, tried to reach out to her, Jessica mistook his remorse for pity and fled the scene. Distraught, she sprinted away and launched herself into the air—thereby discovering that she had gained super human abilities in her family’s car accident.