Avengers: Ranged / Tech

Seeking a bride, Ultron kidnapped the Wasp, brainwashing her then-husband and Ultron’s creator, Henry Pym (Ant-Man), into transferring her life energies into a newly built robot: Jocasta. Jocasta acquired the Wasp’s personality, emotions, conscience, and ability to control insects, but not her memory. Realizing that the Wasp must die for her to live, Jocasta used that cybernetic insect control to summon the Avengers, who stopped Ultron and reversed the transference, saving Jan but shutting down Jocasta. Unknown to the Avengers, Jocasta still retained some portion of the Wasp’s essence, but she remained inert until activated from afar by Ultron. Battling free of the Avengers, Jocasta returned to Ultron’s side but quickly realized he was irrevocably evil and aided the Avengers against him. After Ultron’s defeat, Jocasta and several Avengers were kidnapped by the Collector; the remaining Avengers soon freed Jocasta and the others, learning of the oncoming universal threat of Korvac in the process. Jocasta aided the Avengers against Korvac, her cybernetic senses detecting vital clues that helped to locate him. When the government soon forced the Avengers to contract to only seven members, Jocasta remained with the team, self-deprecatingly identifying herself as a “mere machine” and thus not subject to the group’s size limits.