King Hyperion

Secret Wars Volume 2


King Hyperion comes from a world which he took control of. The countries of his world were not willing to let Hyperion take over without a fight so they began a nuclear war in an attempt to kill Hyperion. Instead, the nuclear weapons killed every living being on Earth except Hyperion. Left as the sole survivor of his planet, Hyperion was conscripted into Weapon X. Taking the place of a deceased Storm, Hyperion immediately came into conflict with Weapon X leader Gambit and became the lover of Ms. Marvel. They were placed on an Earth where there were only ten mutants left, and their assignment was to kill all of the remaining mutants. Hyperion first attempted to stay on the planet and become its new ruler, but he decided that the planet was not going to survive and he completed the mission killing Vision and Colossus in the process.

Villain Group