Crime Syndicate: Covert / Strength / Tech

As a child, Wilson Fisk suffers from loneliness and the taunts of his peers because of his bulky body. His father earns a living as a boxer, but due to poor career development, he became a serial gangster to support himself and his son. As a teenager, Wilson decides to join him. During one of the robberies, when they try to escape from the police, Wilson, unable to keep up, fails in the task, left by his father to the mercy of the officers. The father, indifferent to his son’s fate, merely tells him that it happens, then continues his escape. The court offered him a lighter sentence for handing over his accomplice. He did not accept it and planned another revenge. In prison, Wilson felt he had hit bottom and decides to bounce back forever. He pretends to undergo rehabilitation. Instead, he learns everything he needs to know to create a criminal empire. To gain an edge over other gangsters, he decides to surround himself with prominent scientists and advanced technology. Once released, he builds his position over the years. With the help of a hacking attack, he erases his name from all police, prosecutorial, judicial and penitentiary documents. As a result, he officially becomes a model citizen. He gives himself the alias Kingpin. After achieving success in the criminal world, he orders to find his father (already an old man). He waited with a vengeance to show him beforehand how much he had achieved in contrast to him. The latter, overjoyed that the great Kingpin is his own son, expresses great pride. However, the Kingpin himself, having failed to forgive his father’s betrayal, orders him killed.

In public, Kingpin poses as an entrepreneur and philanthropist, using his real name for these purposes, thus making his criminal identity a great mystery. His headquarters is the Chrysler Building, where he has an office and laboratory at the very top where he employs prominent scientists and engineers.

Privately, he is married to Vanessa with whom he has a son Richard, who works for his father as an area mob boss. Kingpin prides himself on getting along well with his son despite his failed relationship with his father. In partnership with him, he expands his mafia empire, but only until Spider-Man leads to Richard’s capture by the police. As a result of his own son’s capture, Wilson falls into despair; however, despite the court offering Richard a lighter sentence for turning in his boss, he refuses to testify as requested by his father. However, he worries that he too will suffer revenge at the hands of his own son.

Relations with his wife are not going so well. He loves her and wants to fulfill all her whims. But there is one thing he cannot give her: A life without fear. He is constantly afraid that either the police or rival gangsters will destroy the family. That’s why she walked away from him. He hasn’t tried to stop her except by assuring her that he loves her. To no avail.

Kingpin, despite looking like an extremely obese man, actually doesn’t have much fat. His distinctive shape is provided by his powerful muscles. To achieve his goals, he usually uses his subjects. But if he has to fight in person, he is exceptionally strong. His other distinctive features include a white suit and a walking stick. In the comics, the Kingpin character is white-skinned, but in the movie Daredevil, he has a black complexion.

The Kingpin’s biggest enemies are Spider-Man, Daredevil, and the Punisher.