Lady Sif

Heroes of Asgard

Avengers: Covert / Instinct / Strength

As the Goddess of Hunt and Harvest, Sif serves as a shield maiden for Asgard. She defends her realm from such villains as Mangog, Loki, and Surtur, and has even saved Thor from Hela, the Goddess of Death herself. Often she leads rescue missions, and fights alongside Thor, Balder, and the Warriors Three.

Her loyalty to protect Asgard extends to the All-Father Odin’s favored son, Thor—”Who strikes at Thor must strike at Sif!” And while she and Thor often share romantic sentiments towards one another, Sif occasionally suffers the ache of love unrequited. Though her commitment never falters as an unending ally showcased through her uncanny strength, skill with a sword, and sacrificial nature for love of Thor and her homeland.