X-Men: Covert / Instinct / Strength / Tech

Years ago, mutant psychic Charles Xavier had a brief affair with an Israeli woman, Gabrielle Haller. Unaware Gabrielle was pregnant, he left Israel a short time later. Haller concealed their son’s existence from Xavier, later becoming the Israeli ambassador to Great Britain and marrying Daniel Shomron. After moving to Paris for Gabrielle to serve in the Israeli diplomatic service, their home was invaded by an anti-Semitic assassination team, who killed Shomron before ten-year-old David’s eyes. The terror catalyzed his mutant powers, which he used to destroy the assassins’ minds.

While doing so, he unwittingly psychically connected with their thoughts and emotions as they died, shattering David’s mind into multiple personas (and giving him dissociative identity disorder) and rendering him catatonic. The consciousness of the assassins’ leader, Jemail Karami, was absorbed into David’s mind. After years of being merged, Karami’s consciousness separated from David’s, remaining trapped within David’s psyche, but gaining control of David’s telepathic power. Using this power, Karami learned of David’s gentleness and gained an understanding of sympathy and goodness by reading the minds of Gabrielle and others. Seeking to restore David’s mind to normalcy, Karami began reintegrating these personas into David’s core persona, which was frozen as a ten-year-old desperately in need of parental care.