X-Men: Covert / Instinct / Tech

Longshot was a genetically engineered life-form from another dimension referred to as the Wildways, “Mojoverse” or “Mojoworld” ruled by beings known as the Spineless Ones. The scientist Arize created a race of vertebrate slaves through genetic engineering. Arize secretly designed their genetic codes so that his intelligent humanoids would have a strong sense of self. For some of his creations he added superhuman abilities; Longshot was one of these creations. Grown in machines to become a warrior slave for the Spineless One named Mojo, Longshot became conscious as an adult and immediately asserted his independence. Mojo forced Longshot to serve as a stuntman in his dangerous movies. Locating Arize, Longshot discovered his own origin and was encouraged to lead a slave rebellion. He became a legendary rebel leader on his world, heroically leading many of his fellow slaves against the Spineless Ones, but ultimately failed. Longshot was mind-wiped by the Spineless Ones in hopes that he would once again become a slave. With no memory of his name or his past, he escaped to Earth via an inter-dimensional portal. Mojo sent Spiral, Gog and Magog after Longshot but they did not succeed in bringing him back to Mojoworld.