Madelyn Pryor

Secret Wars Volume 1


Earth-9575’s Jean Grey, a violent creature of unquenchable desire, was cast from reality after her power was decimated. On Earth-998, Queen Madelyn I ruled a 19th century global Empire. On her deathbed she ordered her corpse burnt so she could rise from the ashes; when she did not return, many nations violently regained independence. Jean Grey-9575 came to Earth-998, posing as Madelyn Pryor. Now the Red Queen, she led the Empire to take back half the world. She sought the energies of Nate Grey, the ultimate telekine with a doomsday weapon for a mind, who had come to her reality from Earth-2098 (a divergent world sacrificed to restore Earth-998). Nate Grey proved dangerously unstable and she seemingly slew him, though he secretly survived. Forge gave her the means to travel to – but not return from – alternate Earths, but when he learned her true identity during their subsequent relationship, she had her agent Mr. Scratch kill him. For eight years, the Red Queen traveled to alternate Earths, targeting Nate Greys, and neutralizing Sinister’s cellular time bombs within them, and destroying defective incarnations. On Earth-616, a Nate Grey arrived from Earth-295 (“Age of Apocalypse”); as on Earth, the Red Queen guided the lonely Grey to collect the psychic residue of the deceased Madelyne Pryor, a clone of Jean Grey (the genetic mother of Nate) created by Mr. Sinister, seemingly resurrecting her but actually creating a doorway through which the Queen could act. The Queen initially programmed this construct to believe herself the resurrected Madelyn, and she formed a close relationship with Nate.

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