Maggia Goons

Dark City Henchmen

The Maggia are the worlds most powerful crime syndicate. The organization’s operations are world wide, though its roots began in southern Europe during the 13th century and it spread to the USA in the 1890s. The Maggia has its hands on gambling, narcotics, loansharking, organized labor and crooked politics. Those who betray the Maggia are murdered, often by a death-grip to the chin named “The Maggia Touch”. The three main gangs live in New York: The Silvermanes, who are an original-structured crime network controlling the narcotics trade, the Hammerheads, who are styled in fashion of 1920s gangsters, and are lead by the flat-topped Hammerhead, and the Nefaria family. The Nefarias, lead by Count Nefaria, are the most colorful of the three families, recruiting costumed criminals to further their plans. Early in his career, gang boss Kingpin was one of the Maggia’s most successful rivals.
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