Dark City Villain Group

What began as an attempt to seek assistance within his research, Mister Sinister would first recruit John Greycrow after learning of his violent military history of scalping his fellow soldiers and surviving an execution because of his mutant nature. Mister Sinister would also force another mutant known as Gambit into his services after helping him control his powers by removing certain brain tissue. With two assistants under his command, Mister Sinister would have use of them when learning of research being co-opted by the Earth-295 version of Beast, also known as Dark Beast. Learning that his experiments resulted with the creation of several mutants who later took up refuge as Morlocks, Mister Sinister decided to have this corrupted version of his work annihilated and instructed Gambit to assemble a team of mutant who would secretly act out as assassins. Recruited various mutants who share an interest for bloodshed and murder, Gambit would take the first steps of assembling and leading the greatest mistake that would secretly hound for the rest of his life.
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