Mojo is essential for a race of gutless creatures from a planet later named after him known as Mojoworld in a pocket measurement named the Mojoverse. The race were gradually made crazy by influxes of energy (“Television Signals”) from another space/time continuum some way or another dispersed all through their timetable. The were assaulted with pictures of weird “evil spirit”- like animals. It would require hundreds of years (of their time) for them to find the beginning of these transmissions. Mojo’s race didn’t advance much due to their failure to stand upstanding, until a researcher named Arize created exoskeletons that permitted a quick mechanical upheaval. Be that as it may, a few individuals from the race wouldn’t utilize them and considered themselves the Spineless Ones. All things being equal, they utilized mechanized stages to ship their bodies. They likewise turned into the rulers and requested a race of captives to do all the undertakings they couldn’t or would not do. Arize made the slaves, humanoid creatures, utilizing hereditary designing and putting together their appearance with respect to the “evil spirits” of the Spineless Ones’ bad dreams. Obscure to the Spineless Ones, Arize covertly planted the seeds in their hereditary make-up to ultimately turn on their lords and rule Mojo-world fairly. Arize was exiled by the Spineless Ones when he would not form weapons for them.

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