Paint the Town Red


Francis was born in a Jewish family. At school, he didn’t really have any friends and his brother Garrison apparently also abused him sexually. His abilities manifested for the first time just after his mother had died (killed by his brother, who also had teleport abilities, though much weaker than his little brother). His brother soon found out about Francis’ powers and forced him to use them for his own benefit. A couple of years later Garrison had started to build his illegal drug business and made good use of his brother’s freshly discovered telepathic powers by making him prompt people to use his drugs. They were popular among the high-class citizens’ children, because their drug delivering method using teleportation didn’t leave any signs of drug use. His brother soon adopted the alias of Mr. Brownstone and gained a reputation, high place clients and a lot of money. He also made significant connections to underground high players like the Kingpin.

Villain Group
Sinister Six