Nul – Breaker of Worlds

Villains: Fear Itself

Foes of Asgard: Instinct / Strength

Nul is one of Cul Borson’s eight children that he changed into mysterious sledges when Odin was near conclusive triumph.

At the point when Sin, girl of the Red Skull, recuperated the sledge of Skadi, the kin hammers tumbled to Earth close superhumans considered qualified to weild them. Nul, the Breaker of Worlds, fell close to a region where Hulk and the Red She-Hulk were attempting to accommodate. Like with different mallets, Nul possesed the Hulk when he contacted the sledge.

The first motivation of Nul in quite a while new shape was to dispose of the Red She-Hulk and pursued her through a ghetto town prior to being called to New York to help his sibling Angrir (the Thing) in doing combating Thor. The guaranteeing fight saw Thor shoot Nul across the world and land him in the heartland of the Vampire Nation. Really focusing not on who he battled, Nul continued to annihilate the territory and any individual who crossed his way.

In the end the Hulk’s wild nature alongside some outside persuading figures out how to beat Nul back into the mallet prior to smashing it between his hands. Obscure to them everything that doing so permitted Nul to break free, allowing him to turn into an issue for the most recent manifestation of the Defenders.