Odin – is the father of Thor and Loki, as well as the king of Asgard. He is based on the main god in Norse mythology of the same name.

Odin has blue eyes and gray hair and beard. He is also well built. He is usually dressed in steel armor with a red cloak. He has a distinctive eye patch over his right eye. He sometimes wears his golden helmet on his head. His weapon is a spear named Gungnir.

Odin is very proud and brave. He was also very harsh towards his son, Thor, sending him to Earth in the first part and taking away all titles for his arrogance. He has superhuman strength and endurance. Moreover, he can hurl energy from his spear and can fight perfectly with it. Like Thor, he can also teleport.

Several centuries after the war between the Asgardians and the Jotuns, a ceremony was held for the accession of his eldest son, Thor, to the throne, but the ceremony was interrupted by some Jotuns who broke into the treasury. In doing so, they awakened Destroyer, who guarded the place, and destroyed them. The Thunderer wanted to launch an attack on Jotunheim, but Odin disagreed, preferring to keep a truce. Thor then defied his father’s will and set off the planet of the Ice Giants. Upon hearing of this, the King flew there and took his sons and their friends to Asgard. The god of lightning, for his actions and reigniting the war with the Jotuns, was exiled by Odin to Earth.

Loki discovered the truth about his origins. The All-Father told him how he found him, took him in, and told him who his father was. Odin through stress, war and this conversation fell into a regenerative sleep called ” Odinsleep “. Thor was banished, the King fell into sleep, so Loki sat on the throne of Asgard. He manipulated others while he slept. He even went so far as to arrange for Borson to be assassinated. When Laufey, King of the Jotuns was about to kill him, the God of Lies revealed his true plan and killed Jotun to make his father proud.

Odin awoke when Thor returned to Asgard for his act of sacrifice and when he defeated Loki. He ran to the end of Bifrost and saved his sons by catching Gungnir who they were clinging to.The god of deception dangled, looked up and appealed to the All-Father, saying what he had done to make him proud, how he felt unloved. Odin calmly dismissed this with a sad smile, and then watched sadly as Loki let go of the spear, dropped into the vortex of time and space.

Some time later, Odin came grimly to Thor. They had both suffered losses. The Thunderer came to admit that he had been wrong and hoped that his father would one day be proud of him, and the All-Father replied that he was already proud of him.

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