Commedia Dell’Morte arrive to New York City in search of one of their members, Pagliacci’s love and life named Columbina. Previously, they competed with Crime-Buster for the same contract on a Camorra mafia informant when he had kidnapped Columbina and brought her to the States. He is later found dead in his apartment. Pagliacci and his mercenaries confront the new Power Man after he leaves the apartment, asking him the whereabouts of Columbina and what has Crime-Buster done with her. Unhappy with his answer, they engage him in a fight but Iron Fist comes to the aid of his partner. Pagliacci tells Iron Fist that he will not leave the country without his beloved Columbina and escapes with the rest of Commedia Dell’Morte.

Villain Group
Wrecking Crew