Into the Cosmos

Guardians of the Galaxy: Instinct / Strength

Some years ago, Elysius, the genetically engineered woman beloved by the late Captain Mar-Vell, conceived a son, Genis-Vell, from Mar-Vell’s D.N.A. and artificially accelerated him to young adulthood with implanted memories of growing up on Titan. After Elysius was slain by the Negative Zone denizen Lord Syphonn, Genis took the identity and heroic mission of Captain Marvel as his own, eventually helping the cosmic entities Entropy and Epiphany re-create the universe. In the process, a future action of Genis’s, the resurrection of Elysius, was realigned into contemporary reality so that, as far as recent history was concerned, Elysius had been resurrected shortly after she had died, or possibly had never died at all. In this altered reality, Elysius again underwent artificial pregnancy and bore a daughter, Phyla-Vell, whom she similarly aged to young adulthood with implanted memories. However, because Genis’s cosmic awareness had overwhelmed him during the reality crisis, his memories were only altered on a subconscious level, so on some level he still believed his mother had perished and he was an only child.