Avengers: Covert / Tech

Chris Powell was a normal New York City teenager until he found the Darkhawk amulet in an old abandoned amusement park. With the amulet he could transfer his consciousness into a shadowy avian android named Darkhawk. Chris learned to control the powers provided him by the android body. He teamed with various heroes including Spider-Man, Iron Man, the New Warriors, and the West Coast Avengers. Chris recently came to terms with his teenage superhero past by joining a support group for others like him, called The Loners. With Turbo, Ricochet, Phil Urich, Julie Power, and Chamber (actually an imposter), Darkhawk tracked down the teen super group known as the Runaways, in an attempt to rehabilitate them. The Runaways escaped as The Loners were pitted in battle against the malevolent Ultron. After this, the support group was introduced to their benefactor, none other than the most famous teen sidekick of all, Rick Jones.