Avengers: Covert / Instinct

Hellcat, initially, had only her natural athletic abilities and gymnastics acumen to help her battle evil-doers. With a suit that augments its owner’s natural physical skill, one could say Hellcat had a leg up on average foes. But, when it came to enemies of a tougher stature, she would rely on her built-in claws and grappler cables. Eventually, with further combat training by the Avengers and Moondragon, Hellcat would become even more of a threat.

As time went on, Hellcat developed and collected other abilities, continuing to grow into her Super Hero role. She comes into possession of a magic cloak that opens dimensional portals, develops a “demon sight” perception that allows her to sense mystical energy, dons a magic field that can deflect mystical attacks, and becomes technologically stimulated into having enhanced psionic abilities.

When she is a paranormal investigator/adventurer, along with her then-husband Damion Hellstrom, Patsy also becomes an expert on all things supernatural, including how to identify and battle specific types of demons—leaning into the “Hell” part of her Super Hero name. Pasty, because of her famous upbringing, also is an accomplished gymnast, horseback rider, dancer, surfer, skier, and pilot.