World War Hulk

Avengers: Instinct / Strength

It’s hard not to notice She-Hulk, but there’s so much more to Jennifer Walters than her immense strength, stature, and distinctive green (or, at times, grey) skin. Jennifer Walters is a world-class New York City attorney in which her talents match that those of the best defense attorneys in New York, although she often takes on cases that appeal more to her sense of justice rather than her pocketbook.

A close friend of the Fantastic Four, She-Hulk has stood in for Ben Grimm as the team’s fourth member, fought alongside the Avengers, the Fearless Defenders, A-Force and several other groups. Unlike the Hulk, Jennifer has nearly always retained her intelligence, ingenuity, and cleverness while in her She-Hulk form and, also unlike her cousin, tends to embrace her alter ego.