Skirn – Breaker of Men

Villains: Fear Itself

Foes of Asgard: Covert / Instinct / Ranged / Strength

Brought into the world rashly in a suburb of Denver, Colorado, Mary MacPherran grew up gaunt and short-statured, moving a well known young lady at school, Vanessa Ashwood, to moniker her “Skeeter” (a slang word for mosquito). As a secondary school senior, to help uphold her striving family, Mary functions as a salesclerk close by her lone other companion, Marsha Rosenberg. Reliably harassed since youth by the rich and unfeeling Vanessa and her companions, Mary becomes angry and unpleasant, and fantasizes about acquiring superpowers to get respected, and definite revenge on her victimizers.

Skirn is one of The Serpent’s Worthy and the lone other female individual from that bunch other than Skadi/Sin. She had Titania after the last gotten the Hammer of Skirn.