Mercs for Money: Ranged / Tech

The U.S. government assigned Dr. Walter Newell, famed oceanographer, to supervise construction of an undersea city in the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately, it became a target of the Plunderer, and the city was rescued upon the arrival of Namor the Sub-Mariner. This was the first meeting between Newell and Namor, and the two became friends. However, their friendship was soon threatened when Newell was forced by the government to locate Namor, who was believed to be in league with an extraterrestrial threat to Earth. Creating the Stingray costume, Newell succeeded in capturing the Sub-Mariner, although Namor soon escaped and Newell, while initially defeating him a second time, allowed his friend to go. Stingray continued his friendship with the Sub-Mariner on many occasions. He helped Namor clear the Atlanteans’ name over the sinking of an ocean cruiser and exposed Attuma as the culprit, he spoke on Namor’s behalf in his attempts to gain official amnesty from the UN for past transgressions, and he later helped Namor locate his human father, Leonard McKenzie. However, McKenzie became the pawn of Tiger Shark and Llyra, and although Stingray helped Namor defeat his enemies, McKenzie was killed.