The New Mutants

X-Men: Ranged / Strength

Growing up in a wealthy Brazilian family, Roberto da Costa was forging a career as a skilled soccer player until his mutant nature manifested during a match. It started with an opponent knocking da Costa to the ground, spitting a racial remark, and Bobby responded with a heated temper, sparking his mutant power and beating his opponent into the ground. Although confused after regaining his senses, da Costa was abandoned by all except for his girlfriend, Juliana. This attracted the attention of Donald Pierce, renegade White Bishop of the Hellfire Club, who attempted to kidnap da Costa but failed, taking Juliana instead. Charles Xavier intervened, sending his formative New Mutants to help da Costa confront Pierce. In the battle, however, Juliana took a bullet meant for Bobby. Consumed with grief and anger, da Costa helped defeat Pierce and accepted Xavier’s invitation to join the New Mutants. Taking the code-name Sunspot, da Costa served with the New Mutants, learning more about his powers and participating in many adventures.