Symbiote Spider-Man

Paint the Town Red

Spider Friends: Covert / Instinct / Ranged / Strength

One particular symbiote found itself accidentally part of the scenery of Battleworld, a pieced-together, alien world created by the Beyonder to test heroes and villains against one another, including Peter Parker, AKA Spider-Man. After a pitched battle, Spider-Man’s costume was ripped to shreds, and his ally Thor mentioned a device that restored fabric. Instead, Spider-Man inadvertently used a different device, which freed the symbiote. It immediately bonded to Spider-Man, providing him a sleek black costume and giving him notable new abilities. Instead of Peter Parker’s web shooters, Spider-Man’s webbing was now generated from the costume. In actuality, parts of the symbiote itself and never ran out. On top of that, his reflexes were even better than before, and Spidey could now morph the suit into any clothing he wished.