The Beyonder

Into the Cosmos

The being known as the Beyonder is, in fact, a young member of an ancient otherwordly race known as the Beyonders. He was dragged to Earth by the super-villains geniuses group Intel by a tachyon beam meant to attract a Vibranium meteorite.

The Beyonder observed Earth for a number of years and was fascinated to discover that the beings living within Earth’s reality were not each a creation complete unto themselves. Within his universe the Beyonder was complete; indeed he was all of his reality. As a consequence, he was naturally surprised to discover that Earth’s beings were merely a part of a greater whole making up their universe; one that was itself but a member of a larger collection of universes, perhaps of infinite extent, called a multiverse! Hence, each sentient being on Earth was, in the Beyonder’s unique point of view, inherently “incomplete” and thereby [he assumed] must strive to find some way to remedy its incompleteness. For this reason the Beyonder decided that the driving force of all sentient beings must be desire—an emotional state previously unknown to him—which manifested itself as a longing to grow; to be; to evolve into something that one is currently not in order to achieve a sense of completeness. Indeed, upon the realization that he (as he heretofore thought) was not all that existed, he began to view himself as incomplete, and, as a result, found that he too now felt desire.

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