The Red King

World War Hulk

Born Angmo-Asan, he was the son of the great Father Emperor of Sakaar. His father Angmo was the soldier son of a senator, who became a general and waged the War of Empires that saw the creation of the First Sakaarian Empire. His father formed a treaty with the Shadow People and took control over the Death’s Head Guards to save Sakaar from an alien threat in the Spikes War. In contrast, Angmo-Asan was a pampered child who desired glory and power. Even at a young age, his father recognized the threat he posed should he someday take the throne, so the Father Emperor sent his warbound Shadow, Hiroim the Shamed, to assassinate the boy. The only thing that saved Angmo-Asan was Hiroim’s unwillingness to kill a child.

Villain Group
Sakaar Imperial Guard