The Sentry / The Void

World War Hulk

Sentry’s Watchtower on the top of Stark Tower is destroyed when Hulk and Iron Man first fought in New York. Mr. Fantastic makes a machine that can duplicate the soothing aura Sentry uses to calm down Hulk, but the Hulk isn’t fooled by it and overpowers Mr. Fantastic. All the while, Invisible Woman and the President try to call the real Sentry, but he ignores their pleas.

After seeing Hulk on TV deciding to force Mister Fantastic to kill Iron Man in a gladiator battle, Sentry finally decides to fly to New York to stop Hulk, remarking that “it’s time to play God.” The Sentry arrives and engages the Hulk, starting to lose control and to unleashing his power on a level not seen before. So much energy is released during the battle that both the Hulk and Sentry reverted back to their normal human states, followed by Bruce Banner knocking Bob out with a single punch.

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Aspects of the Void