Tony Stark

Spider-Man Homecoming

Avengers: Ranged / Tech

Tony Stark, actually Anthony Edward Stark, was born with an extraordinary intelligence. As a child, he was interested in building and how to control machines. At the age of 15, he took a course in electrical engineering and graduated with two faculties at the age of 19. After graduation, he began working for his parents’ company, but he showed more inclination toward the lavish life of a playboy than toward using his engineering skills. His parents died in a car accident, arranged by a rival company, when he was 21; he then inherited Stark Industries.

During a demonstration of a new generation of weapons in Afghanistan, Stark’s team is attacked and the entrepreneur – severely injured in an explosion, a shrapnel fragment hits near his heart. In captivity, Tony is accompanied by a world-class physicist professor, Yisen. Knowing that the shrapnel could come dangerously close to his heart, Stark suggests to the professor that they join forces to create a suit of armor equipped with a magnetic field generator that draws the shrapnel away from Stark’s heart. The armor designed by the scientists makes him Iron Man.

Over time, Stark comes to the conclusion that he can put his situation to good use. He improves more costumes, makes them available to others and becomes a big supporter of declassifying the personalities of superheroes. In the meantime, he works as a consultant on S.H.I.E.L.D. projects, and becomes one of the first members of the Avengers. Together with the team members, he stops the invasion of New York by Lokhi’s forces and the rebellion of the artificial intelligence he created, Ultron. He also takes an active role in stopping Thanos from killing half the universe, and when he fails to prevent a cataclysmic event, he travels back in time to right his wrongs. He is the creator of the artificial intelligence that manages his estate, called Jarvis, and a superhero built on Jarvis modules called Vision.