Spider-Man Homecoming

Adrian Toomes known as Vulture is the main antagonist in the 2017 film Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Shortly after the Chitauri attack on New York City, Toomes with his crew consisting of Jackson Brice, Herman Schultz, Tinkerer, and the rest of the workers were cleaning the streets of alien debris. Then the area was cordoned off by Destruction Control, Tony Stark’s private company, banning Adrian from cleaning up the city. Toomes angrily punched one of the officials in the face, then swore revenge on Stark.

Adrian and his team did not surrender the Chitauri weapon to Destruction Control. Among other things, he produced a Vulture costume from it, which he used to steal various objects from which he made weapons, such as the remains of Ultron soldiers. From this type of things the gang produced weapons and sold to various customers. Once such a transaction was noticed by Spider-Man, by Jackson Brice. Vulture had to spring into action by flying with Spider-Man to a great height and throwing him out, but he opened his parachute. Later in the hideout, Toomes began arguing with Jackson and inadvertently (mistaking his gun) killed him. Spider-Man tried a few more times to sabotage Vulture’s thefts. He managed to stop a gun sale on the ferry. Adrian then learns of the identity when he comes as Peter Parker to his house, going with his daughter to a school dance.

Upon arriving at the school, Toomes intimidates Peter telling him to stay out of his business. However, Spider-Man escapes from the dance where he is attacked by Herman Schultz. With the help of Ned, Peter’s friend, however, he manages to defeat him and Spider-Man heads for the skyscraper at Tony Stark’s tower, from where a plane carrying the Avengers’ belongings (Hulkbuster armor, Captain America’s new shield, Thor’s belt) flies out. Vulture flies towards the plane and Spider-Man clings to him with a web. A fight breaks out on the plane during which the engine is damaged and the plane falls to an uninhabited island near New York City. There, Peter saves Toomes’ life and turns him over to the police.

Villain Group
Vulture Tech