Civil War

Avengers: Covert / Ranged

The Avengers Vision and Scarlet Witch once had twin children. This was an extraordinary occurrence, considering Vision is a synthetic being and Scarlet Witch is a chaos magician. Unfortunately for the couple, the children were undone and exposed as manipulation by Master Pandemonium. Despite this, the children were reincarnated as actual people.

Wiccan, born Billy Kaplan, was one of those reincarnated people.

When he was young, Billy Kaplan realized he was gay, and so took a lot of abuse from classmates. After an encouraging word from a random encounter with the Scarlet Witch, Billy decided to stand up to his bully, John Kessler, when the next opportunity presented itself. Unluckily for him, the electrokinetic aspect of his powers manifested at that exact moment, and Kessler was nearly killed.