Winter Soldier

Captain America 75th anniversary

Unaffiliated: Covert / Strength / Tech

A natural fighter from his earliest days, the Army started training Bucky with the same people who turn Captain America into a one-man army. Those skills are put to great use when Bucky fights in World War II. After the Russians find him, they build a robotic arm to replace the one he lost when the plane exploded and use mental implants to enhance his lethal abilities.

Bucky owes his youthful appearance to repeated cryo-freezes orchestrated by the Russians. He possesses no super powers and never received a form of the Super Soldier Serum as many assume, but continues to operate at peak human ability.

Winter Soldier also boasts a master knowledge of weapons and firearms. He has used a variety of guns and knives as well as Captain America’s shield and even alien weaponry.